Empathy is the critical element of any social interaction. Empathy is the ability to understand others, by sharing different stages such as intentions, emotions and experiences.

This thesis is building on a previous study of the shared experience of pregnancy with wearables. Pregnancy is something many people will experience in one way or another during their life. The pregnant women, in particular, have a special bond with the fetus during pregnancy, which the partner will never experience in the same way.

The suggestion of this thesis is to use wearables that give a felt experience of a physical feeling. By sharing that experience with others it can evoke people’s subjective, private emotions, which helps to understand and empathise with others. Here the shared experiences are the phenomena emerging first and foremost from bodies meeting rather than of minds attending and as such they precede rather than presupposing empathic abilities.

The findings point out that by embodying the felt experience in a wearable, one can assist others to articulate hidden feelings, such as fear. My contribution extends understanding of the potential of wearables for vulnerable encounters.

The suggestion of this thesis is to use wearables to assists the partner or friends of a pregnant woman empathise with her and gain a better understanding of the felt experience of pregnancy.

Read my master thesis here: Master thesis

Pregnancy Communication Belts

Pregnancy Communication Belts is the previous project the master thesis is based om. 


Experience Prototypes

Experince prototypes is three prototypes there explore the experience of pregnancy. 


Empathy Touch

Empathy Touch is the final prototype from my thesis and a new way of exploring the experince of pregnancy. 

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